UX – User Experience

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“You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction”.

Alvin Toffler (a futurist).

Good UX

What Toffler describes here sounds like plain common sense, but it’s surprising how little common sense prevails when it comes to the basics of navigating the web. Good UX is good sense.

As a UX Designer, my job is to delve deep into client needs and more importantly to the end user needs. It involves looking at a problem from all angles, involving all invested in the project outcomes. When addressing a problem, the audience, the stakeholders and the over all constraints of the project are looked at in detail.

Throughout the design process which entails; Strategy, Research, Analysis, Design and Development, there are several iterations of feedback undertaken throughout all stages of the process. Primarily, the most important aspect that underpins all of the above is consistent communication and correspondence throughout the project between you the client, your stakeholders, end-users and your designer.

Content may be king in the world of web surfers, but communication is king in the world of a successful UX strategy.

Co-Designing for better experiences


What is Co-Design?

Co-Design is sometimes called ‘Co-Creation’ and is where everyone who is impacted by the design of your product or service is brought together to design. This includes service or product business owners, end users and all stakeholders. Strictly speaking co-design is a ‘plan of action’ for the strategy for the process, whereas co-creation is the actual ‘doing/designing’ part.

Contrary to our main beliefs, everyone is a designer when you ‘co-design’. You might not know photoshop or a string of code – you don’t have to, you leave that to the experts, after all that’s why you hire us. What you and your end-users have is more valuable than money can buy, it’s the deep insight, knowledge and understanding of what you expect your website, product or service to do when it’s designed properly. The combination of collaborating together to create a great user experience, coupled with a favourable mindset that you ‘are the expert of your experiences’ – can be extremely empowering and will deliver great user-friendly design results.

If you’re interested in co-designing your next project, please get in touch by email.


A new place

Welcome to my new website showcasing a collection of works completed over the last few years.

As is the nature of all websites, or should be, this website is a work in progress. This site will be in a state of flux over the next few weeks as I populate it with words and visuals, so keep posted.