Reflections on my MA studies

Reflection on my MA in Interaction Design in IT Carlow. September 2015, when I started my journey into Master’s level in education, little did I know how emotionally invested I would become. The process I went through slowly brought me into a world of change and reflection. Reflection on my journey, my actions, my feelings, my design work, my design process itself and the research process.

Throughout the year, I have ‘discovered’ that I have a penchant for research and writing. I’ve also discovered the ways that I value learning, gaining knowledge, and sharing knowledge. Perhaps it’s a by-product of being a web designer, in that I’ve always felt the need to educate my clients, to the ways of going about presenting information to their own clients. Ways to design a particular aspect of a website and informing clients as to why a particular approach might be right for them, or just right for their website from a semantic perspective.

The subject of my thesis was the re-design of an Irish nursing website, using design thinking and co-design with nurses. Co-design, for me, is a form of ‘sense-making’, particularly so when the individuals who need the web service are encouraged to make sense of their own online environment. Co-designing with the nurses proved to be a very worthwhile methodology as a process to aid them in realising their own needs and wants from their website.