Website, Print and Brand Identity Designer

Sandra ReidI’m Sandra, I enjoy creating design solutions that give value to the people who use them.

Since my earliest days working in the design world, I have been driven by functionality and beautiful aesthetics. I used to be a product designer working in ceramics, so I have a deep understanding of making things for people to use. I get immense pleasure out of knowing that what I’ve designed and made is of value to people who use it – that it makes their lives easier and enhances their experience.

I have worked for large and smaller companies, and also independently as Zofo Creative where I design web solutions, logos and graphics for both the printed world and online media.

I’m especially interested in facilitating design within a co-creation environment. I strongly believe that when clients participate in the early stages of the design research process, right through to the conceptualisation and testing stages, that they become more actively invested and take ownership of their project. It’s a process that allows for deep immersion and positive outcomes for all involved, and even more so where there are complex issues to be solved.

I live by a river in Co. Wexford where I love nature, gardening and all things DIY when I’m not working on my computer.

Credentials: I’ve got an MA in Design and host of other lovely academic certificates: PG Dip in Mobile & Web App Design, and a BA Design.